Episode 77: Why go to San Francisco? – December 2022

Welcome to the December episode of The Great British Mickey Waffle – A Positive band of British voices united in all things Disney.

Episode 77: Why go to San Francisco? | December 2022 The Great British Mickey Waffle

The team this month are chatting about something different – a trip to a treasure on the west coast of the USA – San Francisco!

It’s a place that a number of the team have either considered, or even had a trip booked and planned (thanks COVID!), but this seemed to be a great time to review what’s on offer in this diverse and exciting city and the surrounding area.

But of course, we couldn’t have this discussion alone, so we were happy to welcome back friends of the show – Robyn & Simon Watson (@watsonsdodisney) and Jason Canapp from Here With The Magic.

All of our guests have experience of the area and are all too happy to share their favourite places to visit, sightsee and of course, eat!
This won’t be the only chat we have with these fabulous friends – watch out for future episodes where we explore some slightly more distant places to visit!

Everyone at the GBMW would like to wish their audience a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Waffle on!

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